ABOUT LAWCHEK ™ Legal Form Books

LAWCHEK™ is providing seven of its' top requested legal form books for free in order to assist the general public in educating themselves about their legal issues so that they are better prepared when discussing their situation with an attorney. LAWCHEK™ has over 20,000 legal forms and sample documents in its' database, which includes legal forms and sample forms with support information for every state.  This site provides free legal form books and sample legal forms on the following subjects: Making a Will, Divorce, Contracts, Real Estate, Incorporation, Intellectual Property, and Name Change.

LAWCHEK™ has been providing legal forms to law firms and libraries all across the country for over sixteen years and first published a series of legal form books through MacMillan Spectrum Publishing in 1996.  LAWCHEK™ has almost 20 years of experience in electronic publishing and is still the best place to find sample legal forms to assist you in preparation for speaking with your attorney.

What is enlighten technologies incorporated™?

enlighten technologies incorporated™ is a software and web research development company with a focus on server side web software applications for both the private sector and the public market. enlighten™ is driven to develop secure server side software, particularly for videoconferencing markets and web-based data storage. In addition to providing secure storage and Internet based video communications, enlighten™ owns the network software and infrastructure involved to offer server side software and videoconferencing at any level for individual consumers and businesses alike. enlighten™ provides web-based videoconferencing for entry level users who utilize laptop and desktop devices to connect to our servers, as well as offering advanced network setup and design for corporate users who require exclusive videoconferencing communications. With enlighten™ services, we provide a business class video network to enable video bridging and encrypted security services for large video networks to ensure confidentiality between videoconferencing parties. In providing a high-end videoconferencing network, enlighten™ can also customize videoconferencing equipment to meet the specific needs of each client. enlighten™ is capable of utilizing third party equipment, as well as utilizing our own proprietary software for conducting videoconferencing meetings almost anywhere in the world. enlighten™ has been providing videoconferencing solutions and software development for over 15 years, and during that time, we have developed an expertise in research and development in web-based server side software for the setup and fluidity of videoconferencing communications.